Healing Services

goddess-ritualsGoddess Rituals                                                    Scheduled at various times of the year.

Also, you can schedule your own Goddess Ritual customized for you by Magi in Cambria or at a location of your choice.

Grab a group of your girlfriends for a road trip to Cambria to experience a Magical Goddess Ritual focusing on any area of your choice. Let the Magic Begin Now…Blessed Be.

Through sacred singing, drumming, dancing, magic, feasting, personal and spiritual healing practices….ongoing sacred ritual is created with you to celebrate the Cosmic Mother Goddess of Us All, the changing seasons and the turning of the wheel of the year.  Blessed Be.


sacred-ceremoniesPersonal Sacred Ceremonies                                (Done Only in Person)

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A moonlight Goddess Wedding Ceremony overlooking the sea; a baby blessing with multi-generations of family participate in the honoring of new life; purification and sacred rites performed to sanctify a new home; coming into manhood and womanhood (puberty) rite-of-passage rituals in a sacred grove of oak trees at sunset and other Sacred Ceremonies customized for you.

In these Sacred Ceremonies, Magi utilizes Cosmic Shamanism© & Emotional Energetic Healing©, Wiccan & Goddess lore and intuitive insights into your heart, mind, body and Soul.  Magi’s magic creates a Personal Sacred Ceremony for any special event in your life.

Photos of Magical Cambria, California

cambria-otter        cambria_-moonstone_sunset-300x191         Cambria Robins       cambria-seals       cambria-downtown-west       cambria_fiscalini_ranch