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1.  Magi is a true Multi-dimensional Emotional Energetic Healer and Cosmic Shaman of the Soul. With Magi’s unique process you can heal multi-dimensionally, past, present and future and all aspects of your consciousness simultaneously.  You can literally paradigm shift yourself into full cosmic consciousness! Unresolved wounds, problems, Karma, mistakes, difficult relationships and other imbalanced issues that in the past may have taken years (or lifetimes) to heal, can be balanced (depending upon the individual and severity of trauma) in months, weeks or yes..even days!​

2.  Increased spiritual awakening and a greater permanent reconnection to your Soul, your Cosmic Divine Source (Great Cosmic Mother/Father Goddess/God – your True Divine “Parents”) and your life purpose and mission. Who are you really as a Soul and what is your Cosmic destiny here on Earth?

3.  As part of the cost of your first healing session, you will receive at no charge:

      • an electronic recording of each healing session
      • a 200 page Goddess Oracle Shamanic Healing Booklet of all Magi’s healing tools and techniques mailed to your home
      • a CD, as well as an mp3, of the “Shielding, Protection & Reconnection to Soul and Divine Source” 60 minute visualization.

4.  Heal your relationship with money – your poverty consciousness, beliefs that being wealthy and abundant isn’t spiritual. Money IS the Cosmic energy of Spirit, it is sacred and divine. Learn how to bring more of it into your hands and your life.

5.  Greater self love, self empowerment, wholeness and well being.

6.   Learn how to change your negative beliefs, heal your wounds and destructive behavior patterns into positive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Create a right relationship with yourself, your Soul, others, the world and Cosmic Divine Source.

7. Magi has the unique ability, power and Oneness to help teach you how to sever the cords of connection to alien abduction and neutralize all mind control implants (in the physical body, chakras and auric field) multi-dimensionally and all life times (past, present and future) simultaneously, so you are never abducted or implanted again.

8.  Trauma recovery from incest and all forms of child abuse, rape, death of a loved one, satanic ritual abuse, trauma-based mind control, alien abduction and implant interferences, psychic attacks, entities, possessions and interferences by any malevolent evil force in any form.

9.  Learn how to “truly feel” instead of being disconnected and numbed out to yourself, your emotions, your memories, others and Spirit.  Reclaim the wonder and magic of your inner child. Learn how this child part of your Soul is the foundation of your healing and “coming home”.

10.  As a powerful empath, Magi’s loving and compassionate nature make feeling and healing a safe experience. Her dynamic psychic/Oracle and intuitive abilities can read what is buried in your unconscious from this lifetime or any other.  The sound vibration of her voice and Soul in Oneness with Cosmic Divine Source can heal, spiritually awaken, open chakras, clear the aura and release the energy of traumas, imbalances, repressed feelings and memories.

11.  Magi’s intuitive listening skills that have you feeling heard and providing feedback as guided by Cosmic Divine Source and your Highest Soul Self. You will have a safe place with Magi to practice communicating your needs, thoughts and feelings.   Magi, by working on her own problems, wounds and traumas daily, truly knows how to go into the underworld of the Soul.  Magi has the courage to feel all the feelings and she knows all the steps to transformation and how to help you reach the other side to your wholeness. She can truly be a guide on your unique Soul Retrieval journey.