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(And How You Can Receive It In A Healing Session With Magi)

by Magi (Mari Angelique Raphael)

I came onto the Earth plane with a deep and profound connection to my Soul and to Cosmic Divine Source.  Even after physical incarnation, I did not forget who I am as a Soul and my loving connection with Cosmic Divine Source (Goddess/God/Spirit). This sacred union to my Soul and Source enabled me to tap into, receive, utilize and maintain a permanent connection to the cosmic life force of Oneness. It created for me awakening, growth and the continuous evolution of my Soul through healing and transformation. Even as a young child, I remembered the contracts that I made (prior to coming onto the Earth plane) with Cosmic Divine Source (Great Cosmic Mother/Father, Cosmic Goddess/God), to help and serve humanity.

I see, feel and experience this cosmic divine energy (of my Oneness to my Soul and Source) as a shimmering crystalline sapphire blue, pink and violet colored energies with bands of gold and white blended through them, that fills my physical body, chakras and auric field multi-dimensionally and all my lifetimes – past, present and future – simultaneously. I see my Cosmic Oneness as a column of energy emanating from the highest cosmic dimensions and moving downward through all other dimensions to Earth and into my physical body. It is a soothing, loving energy of liquid Divine Cosmic Oneness.

I experience my multi-dimensional connection to my Soul and Source as being permanently imbedded and integrated into my brain and spinal column, all my cells, blood, bone, organs, hair, skin and the totality of all my chakras and auric field multi-dimensionally.

I see and feel my Soul as a powerful female Spiritual Warrior wielding a Sword of Truth, serving humanity in the ways that Cosmic Divine Source asked me to.  I am the daughter (as YOU ARE also the son or daughter) of The Cosmic Divine Source (Great Cosmic Mother/Father, Cosmic Goddess/God).  No matter what your sexual orientation is (gay, lesbian, straight, bi-sexual, etc.) the color of your skin, your cultural background, your religious heritage, your socio-economic status, whether you are “educated” or not, male or female, with all your perceived flaws and imperfections, YOU ARE WORTHY OF BEING THE SACRED CHILD/SOUL OF THE COSMIC DIVINE SOURCE.  Believe it! They love and support you and are truly your Mother and Father.  It was your Cosmic Divine Parents (Cosmic Source) who birthed your Soul out of pure unconditional love, at the beginning of the beginning of the beginning………. 


Our Cosmic Mother and Father appear to me as beautiful, loving, kind, supportive and wise parents. They are my “true parents” vs. biological parents. They are the Cosmic Divine Parents of my Soul. (This does not in any way diminish the sacredness, love and divinity of your birth parents).

Our Cosmic Divine Parents are the ultimate, multi-dimensional Cosmic and Earth life force. They manifest as the infinite universe, everything that is and all things born of Earth. They are the loving manifestation of sacred Mother Earth reflected as Goddess/God energy in the Soul of each person, tree, flower, animal, bird, insect, the rivers and seas, etc. They fill me with pure unconditional love, power, kindness, forgiveness, empathy, compassion, guidance, support, wisdom, protection, joy and blessings – they are the energetic life force that feeds my Soul.

To me, they are the Great Cosmic Goddess/God That created my Soul, all Souls and all that is.

I see and experience Goddess/God/Spirit as loving and supportive parents where I have a real intimate and personal relationship with them. I could never experience Spirit as some cold, abstract idea or as a punishing, judging, patriarchal, power-over persona. My heart and Soul needs a compassionate and empathetic relationship with Cosmic Divine Source and it is what I have always received from them.

I have always experienced Cosmic Divine Source as a manifestation of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in equal and perfect harmony. The Mother energy and Divine Feminine was not excluded. It is seen as equal in every way to the Father energy and Divine Masculine. The Divine Masculine/Father energy isn’t patriarchal, punitive, cruel and unforgiving.  Like the loving Divine Mother, the Divine Father is also kind, compassionate and understanding. They create together a balanced and integrated marriage of Divine Truth, Love, Joy, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Power, and Protection – pure Cosmic Consciousness.

The Divine Mother and Divine Father in union are infinitely more powerful than the malevolent evil forces…..as am I in my Oneness to them through my Soul.

This energetic connection has enabled me to be more aware of “their” Higher Truth and Divine Will instead of me being in my ego and in separation. In my serving, I find myself constantly affirming, “Let your will be done, not my will”. Throughout my life, this sacred energy connection has constantly blessed me with ideas, techniques, tools and entire methodologies for healing.

This doesn’t mean that I haven’t had to heal and balance many different kinds of multi-dimensional wounds throughout my life. These wounds caused me to be in separation in various ways to my Soul and to Cosmic Divine Source. These “breaks” came about because I was tortured and abused as a child, teenager and adult by “family”, other people and malevolent evil forces in many different forms (i.e., alien abduction, demons, entities, “Trauma Based Mind Control”, satanic ritual abuse, psychic and sexual vampires, etc.).  However, by going through all of these experiences and then figuring out how to heal my wounds of separation, I am more and more reconnected to my Soul and to Cosmic Divine Source every day. This is what I teach others to do.

Experience is truly the most powerful teacher.

It has been a long journey and still continues today to continuously create more and more reconnection to my Soul and Cosmic Divine Source. My ultimate goal is to be the full power and presence of all that I am as a Cosmic Soul in Oneness with Cosmic Divine Source here on Earth – to attain full and permanent cosmic consciousness.  And, this is what I help others to achieve.

Full and permanent cosmic consciousness is our birthright.

With the Cosmic Paradigm Shift that is occurring, this is what we are here to accomplish, in this lifetime!

The important thread for me in all this is that no matter what atrocities I experienced I still had a piece of my core Cosmic Oneness that I didn’t lose. Dear reader, this is also the Truth for you that perhaps you forgot.

What Do You Experience in a Multi-dimensional Soul Healing Session with Magi?

1. Once a session date and time has been committed to, an energetic connection to you, your Soul and to Cosmic Divine Source is made by me. I will have asked you many questions about what you want to focus on in the session including your personal history, the “problem” areas and what you feel you want to get out of the session. This gives me a foundation for your healing session. I then energetically and intuitively connect to your Soul and to Cosmic Divine Source prior to your appointment to be guided as to “what is for your highest good” for the upcoming healing session. I will receive many messages, pictures and awareness’s of hidden (shadow) pieces to your problem(s) that you may not be consciously aware of. This provides us focal points on how to authentically heal and balance your problems.

2. When we are actually having your healing session, I again am guided by you, your Soul and Cosmic Divine Source intuitively so that your highest good is received. The totality of all your lifetimes – past, present and future, multi-dimensionally – are simultaneously revealed to me. Whatever wounds, traumas and issues that are unresolved for you in this lifetime, are a reflection of all your lifetimes. This is what we go after in your Healing Session.  

I have named these unresolved wounds, traumas and issues

“Soul Markers”.

These “Soul Markers” represent the multi-dimensional indicators of unresolved wounds from the totality of all your lifetimes.

3. Powerful cosmic divine energy is broadcast to you from the sound vibration of my voice and my Soul (whether a session is in person or by phone). An energetic connection is created with my Soul, your Soul and Cosmic Divine Source.  This connection guides me in the healing and balancing process to use a variety of tools and techniques that will provide the best results for you. I have never needed to be in physical proximity for the highest energetic results to be received by a client. A healing session is just as powerful by phone as it is in person. I learned how to send cosmic divine energy frequencies (multi-dimensionally, past, present and future and simultaneously) to anyone, anywhere in the world when I was a child. I don’t need a photograph of you to do this; I just need to make a connection to your Soul.

4. The Cosmic Paradigm Shift that is now occurring on Earth powerfully facilitates my multi-dimensional, simultaneous healing process. Our physical dimension is now being blessed with the higher cosmic divine energetic vibrational frequencies that can enable us to literally paradigm shift ourselves into full cosmic consciousness and reconnection. Unresolved wounds, problems, mistakes, interferences by malevolent evil forces, difficult relationships and other imbalanced karmic issues caused you to be in separation to your Soul and Cosmic Divine Source. In the past, healing and balancing this separation may have taken years or lifetimes. Depending upon the individual and the severity of trauma, this can now be done in months, weeks or in some cases, even days. Wow, what a great cosmic breakthrough for us all!

5. Cosmic Divine Source is asking you to wake up, heal your unresolved wounds of separation to your Soul and Cosmic Divine Source. Greater and deeper healing reconnects you. This reconnection opens the doors for you to remember who you truly are as a Soul, that you did choose to be here and what your “higher destiny” is.

Join me in this sacred dance……it is what we are here to do!

IMPORTANT: In your healing session you are completely protected and shielded from any kind of interference by malevolent evil forces. I do not bring in any negative energy to harm or contaminate you, your Soul or your life. I transmute these destructive energies and teach you how to do it for yourself!

I only work with and give you the Cosmic Energy of Divine Source that is Eternal Oneness and Unconditional Love.

You have every right to question and evaluate the integrity and abilities of ANYONE who is going to do energy work on you. Please feel free to ask me anything so that you feel safe and are able to determine if I am the right person for you to work with. 

Magi (Mari Angelique Raphael) Goddess Oracle Shamanic Healing – Cambria, CA USA 800-397-9084
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