Emotional Energetic Healing © (emotional + energy healing)

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Energy Healing + Emotional Healing


Emotional Energetic Healing (emotional healing + energy healing) is Magi’s unique multi-dimensional healing methodology “to work” your energy field/consciousness (using various tools as guided by your Soul and Source) to enable you to FEEL.

This process helps you to no longer be disconnected to your feelings, being “numbed out” and “in your head” all the time. It teaches you how to feel, energy healing, so you aren’t overwhelmed emotionally. It provides you with tools and techniques to release emotional baggage (i.e., repressed unresolved wounds, traumas, memories and feelings from your childhood as well as a teenager and adult) easily and effectively. It powerfully assists you in breaking down any walls of denial you may have in any area that keeps you from being able to truly feel and heal. You will also learn how to authentically feel, give and receive forgiveness of yourself, forgiveness of others, and be forgiven by your Divine Source.

Magi, as a very powerful psychic and oracle, can assist you in remembering the Truth of how you are blocked/wounded from being the full potential of your Soul.

Using a variety of emotional energetic healing techniques, emotional healing + energy healing, working in partnership with you and your Soul, your unconscious awareness is gently brought to the surface. This gives YOU the opportunity to remember suppressed feelings and memories of people, events, situations, the age you were at and what lifetime you were negatively impacted.

Emotions are the force field of your Soul

“If you feel it, you can heal it”!

Emotional Healing + Energy Healing

The foundation for this process is being permanently reunited and bonded with “the child” part of yourself and your Soul. Your beautiful inner child is a sacred aspect of who you are as a Soul and holds all your secrets. Your inner child is also your access to your buried treasure of forgotten talents, abilities and personal power and also “the shadow” of how you got “originally wounded” as a child, teenager and adult. This is energy healing.




As an adult, these unresolved shadow pieces show up in yourself and your life as behavior patterns of “acting out” with self hate, sabotage, destruction, denial, loss, rage, addictions, depression, etc. There may be areas of your life that work very well (i.e., very successful in your career) however, you may be incapable of intimacy or trusting others.

Magi, as a powerful empath, provides a very loving and safe space for you to express all your feelings without judgment or criticism. You are truly safe to feel and communicate whatever you need to. This may be the first time in your life that you have been able to bring to the surface and verbally and emotionally express your deepest hurt, anger, shame, guilt, pain, sorrow, despair and heartbreak. You are completely heard and honored by Magi with the most heartfelt compassion and empathy for whatever you are emotionally communicating (whether by speaking, crying, hitting a pillow to release your rage, yelling, etc.). This results in emotional healing and energy healing.


Magi truly teaches you how to feel, figure out what you are feeling and learn to express your feelings in healthy, balanced ways. Assisting you in breaking the patterns of stuffing your emotions, dumping and projecting them out onto others or completely denying how you truly feel. Learn all the different ways that you are passive/aggressive and break free into transforming your behaviors into being a healthy, assertive adult. Also, learn how to have effective boundaries for yourself and in relationship to other people.

This “untapping” of your emotions is guided by your Soul and Cosmic Divine Source, so the feeling and releasing is at the pacing and timing that is best for you. This Emotional Energetic Healing process (emotional healing + energy healing) is for someone who is determined to find their courage, to be able to feel their pain, be willing to change and reclaim their self love and self empowerment. This experience enables the Spiritual Warrior of your Soul to emerge within you and get you to the other side into TRUTH! From this experience, you will discover, face, feel, heal and release your unresolved wounds, traumas and negative beliefs to come Home into Oneness…to Full Reconnection to your Highest Soul Self and Cosmic Divine Source.