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This is what is REALLY going on in the “holographic ILLUSION world” that we live in called “the matrix”…WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO!





“My whole life I’ve been harassed and terrified by confusing “paranormal” abuses (“The Matrix”, reptilians) that nobody could understand, if I dared to tell. Magi understood! Completely. And she knew exactly what to do about it. I never got that from traditional therapy or New Age “all is wonderful” lies. How refreshing it was to talk candidly about things I’ve had to rationalize away my whole life. She makes the extraordinary ordinary so you can deal with it in practical, intelligent ways. She shrinks giant terrors down to a manageable size – and then down to nothing at all.

Magi never lets you forget that you’re the one with the POWER.

YOU CAN and WILL overcome all negative interference.  

 It’s hard to accept that malevolence exists around us, in the multi-verse we live in, but Magi empowered me with tools and visualizations to protect myself and re-connect with the healing, protective, and unconditional-love energies of my own Soul and Source – which the negative can’t tolerate! It works. I’m so much happier, healthier, and freer with my new understanding of it all. I’m so grateful! Thank goodness I came across her website and reached out. I never could have figured things out without Magi’s amazing expertise, thoughtfulness, and intuition. She puts in 1000% to help you, because she truly cares. I could not be more relieved and thankful.”  

Monica Livingston     Environmental Ecologist     Vancouver, British Columbia


Yes you can “Break Free” and here’s how. There is so much crap going on in the world and “evil forces” such as “The Matrix” and its many faces (Illuminati, New World Order, military industrial complex, archons, reptilians, negative ET’s, etc.) are mind controlling, harming and interfering with the mass human population and have been since the beginning of time.

It is time for humanity to wake up NOW!  How? By breaking free from being a slave. The pathway for that is feeling and healing repressed and unresolved wounds, traumas and programming (perpetrated by the hands of these evil forces) that are keeping each of us stuck…….Then, you remember who you really are as a Soul, take your power back and know why you are here and are able to fulfill your potential at the highest level. 

When a Soul authentically remembers repressed wounds and has the courage to…….face, feel, heal and release their wounds……they begin the process of Reconnecting to their Soul & Divine Source (Multi-Dimensional Soul/Source Retrieval)……that is when the personal power of your Soul manifests more and more and more.

Don’t you want the Beauty & Majesty of your Soul back?

As you Reconnect more and more, you are reborn into a greater and greater expression of the Oneness with your Soul & Divine Source and being pure Unconditional Love…….and from that you thrive! 

The idea of “Heaven on Earth” is not something outside ourselves…….it is created by healing the repressed wounds/traumas within our own heart and Soul and that internal change…….changes our outer physical reality into a greater and greater expression of “Heaven on Earth”.  


Do you yearn to Reconnect…

to your True Soul Self in Oneness with Cosmic Divine Spirit/Source?

If you have found my website, then there is a deep yearning in your Heart and Soul for you to heal.

I can help you heal from your unresolved wounds (as a child, teenager and adult), traumas, heartbreak and being stuck by making the same mistakes over and over again.

You can Reconnect to the power of your Soul and Divine Source, take back ALL your power and thrive in every way.

Receive Greater Joy…Happiness…Prosperity…Abundance…Serenity…Love...

These unresolved wounds and the potential that you maybe being interfered with by malevolent evil forces keeps you in separation to your Soul and Divine Source – unhappy, lonely, powerless, unfulfilled, scared and in survival.

I provide you with a loving and safe healing environment of trust, kindness, patience, understanding and respect.  Together, we will explore & discover what is causing your great pain and suffering by helping you to remember, feel, heal and release whatever has been buried and repressed in your heart, mind, body and Soul multi-dimensionally.

Know that YOU can heal everything and anything because YOU can.

Healing is achieved through a unique combination of the cosmic consciousness sound vibrational healing of Magi’s powerful and beautiful voice and the use of the following techniques in every healing session:

      • soul counseling
      • psychic readings
      • guided visualizations
      • grounding exercises
      • energy clearing of your physical body, chakras and aura multi-dimensionally
      • multi-dimensional shamanic Soul/Source retrieval
      • inner child healing at a Soul level
      • multi-dimensional shielding and protection that works
      • dream interpretation
      • balancing masculine and feminine energies

Through their healing sessions, my clients have achieved:

      • powerful, multi-dimensional shielding and protection of the totality of their Soul and Life
      • permanent Reconnection to their Soul & Divine Source
      • healing through their Soul, by remembering repressed memories and feelings, especially from childhood, of unresolved wounds and traumas
      • healing interference by any malevolent evil force in any form and taking their power back
      • learning to unconditionally love and empower themselves so they can thrive in every way
      • learning how to use very powerful and high Cosmic Divine Healing Tools that enabled them to take their power back from any person, situation, place or thing


Would you like to achieve these results too? Then call me at 800-397-9084

  I specialize in helping you to heal from:

      • Not being able to remember who you are as a Soul and fulfill your destiny
      • Not being shielded and protected
      • The illusion of being disconnected to your Soul and Divine Source
      • Unresolved childhood, teenage and adult wounds, traumas and abuse
          • mental
          • physical
          • emotional
          • spiritual/energetic – the totality of your Soul multi-dimensionally
      • Sexual Abuse
      • Loss of a loved one
      • Satanic ritual abuse
      • Trauma based mind control
      • Alien abduction and implant clearing
      • Interference by any malevolent evil force that is possessing, mind controlling and feeding off your life force
      • Self-hate, self-sabotage and self-destruction, being overly critical in perfectionism
      • Acting out and harming yourself and others

Magi works with people all over the world

In-person or telephone healing sessions available 


cambria_fiscalini_ranchMagi lives and works in one of the sacred power places of Great Cosmic Mother Goddess…beautiful, forest-at-the-sea Cambria in San Luis Obispo County on the Central Coast of California, USA




To schedule an in-person or a telephone healing session appointment

Call   800-397-9084

The healing results are the same whether you have an in-person or a telephone healing session