Matrix Elite? Matrix Malevolent Evil Forces

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What Are the Malevolent Evil Forces of The Matrix?


                                                evil-nwo-2  false-light-and-dark-2………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. (false-light and the dark)

You will often read where I refer to the malevolent evil forces of ”The Matrix.” in any form.  To better understand what I mean by this, here is my definition:

Definition: These malevolent evil forces of ”The Matrix.” are anything (whether in the body or an energetic manifestation) that violates the sovereignty of your Soul.  They do this by harming you mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, astrally, sexually and energetically by hooking into and feeding off the life force of your Soul, physical body, chakras and aura – multi-dimensionally. They do this in ways that are against your free will and highest good as determined by your Highest Cosmic Soul Self and Cosmic Divine Source.

These malevolent evil beings are the many faces of “The Matrix.” and include the false-light and the dark. They can be individuals, human or human appearing shape-shifted demons, satanists, reptilians, archons, ET’s, etc. They actively practice the black arts and spells of black magic, satanic ritual abuse, MK Ultra and Monarch “Trauma Based Mind Control” torture and programming. They can also be entities, ghosts, poltergeists, jinn, psychic and sexual vampires, evil angels, ET’s, the corrupt Illuminati – New World Order Matrix government and military/medical/ET personnel.

These evil beings physically and astrally abduct and interfere with you against your will (Remember: a Higher Soul would never abduct, harm or hurt you), mind control your consciousness through physical and etheric implants, drugs and astral body interference. They possess you, torture, rape and steal the life force energy of your Soul.  They experiment, genetically engineer and traumatize you in many forms. You are no longer a Sovereign Soul in control of your own thoughts, feelings and actions…you are a mind controlled slave doing their bidding.

These malevolent evil forces of “The Matrix.” have mind controlled and brain washed mass humanity at a conscious and unconscious level to be a “False Self” fulfilling their agendas instead of being who we really are as a Soul.  

We are ALL very tortured and programmed to be very afraid to feel and heal.

These malevolent evil forces know that if we begin a process of remembering of how we have been wounded/traumatized and face, feel, heal, release and reconnect to our Soul and Divine Source…they will loose their primary energetic food source and they will die. They need us to live…for they are parasites! They manipulate us to believe we can’t heal, our mistakes can’t be forgiven, healed and balanced.  We are doomed……….helpless, hopeless, powerless and chronically in despair and FEAR.  We can’t come home to reclaim and reconnect to our own Soul & Cosmic Divine Source.

These malevolent evil forces LIE!


They lie to keep us enslaved. They feed off of us and steal the power of our Souls so that they can get us to create what they want!  THEY HAVE NO POWER TO CREATE AND THEY NEED US TO CREATE FOR THEM! Break your chains and come home to the eternal Truth of who you really are as a Soul in Oneness with Cosmic Divine Source.

These malevolent evil forces can show up in your life in the following ways:

  • Addictions to or obsessions with alcohol, drugs, sex, food, work, TV/movies, internet, pornography, etc., anything that takes you away from being your “True Soul Self”.  An example would be fixating on a movie star, or sports figure/team.  Ask yourself: “How much time do I spend each day thinking about ________________?” (You fill in the blank)
  • Beliefs, emotions, thought patterns and behaviors that are self/Soul destructive, self/Soul sabotaging and self/Soul denying.  Evil contracts, agreements and programs that are made through manipulation, torture, Soul possession, brain washing and mind control manipulation that you do not remember will need to be consciously REFUSED AND BROKEN by using such powerful Cosmic healing tools as working with your Inner Child at a Soul level because they hold the subconscious memories of your repressed wounds and traumas, Cosmic Divine Feminine Pink Energy of Unconditional Love and the Cosmic Sword of Blue Flame to cut cords, break and burn up/obliterate these matrix malevolent evil connections/contracts/agreements and programs (you are taught how to do this in your healing sessions).
  • Unresolved wounds or traumas related to abuse in any form (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, astral, sexual or energetic) as a child, teenager or adult.  These matrix malevolent evil forces create torture and abuse scenarios that ALL Souls have been subjected to.  They then hook into and feed off the destructive electro-magnetic energy that an individual generates when they are abused, wounded or traumatized in some form.  These malevolent evil forces feed off the intense fear, despair, pain, rage, hate, deep suffering and horror that is emotionally energetically created in traumatic events from both the victim and the perpetrator. 

Through your UNRESOLVED repressed wounds/traumas/programming,”The Matrix” is controlling how you THINK & FEEL – your beliefs, your emotions, your thought patterns and your actions!

  • Until the wounds are healed and the malevolent evil forces are obliterated out of your Soul, they will continue to be hooked into your Soul, physical body, chakras and auric field multi-dimensionally and feeding off, controlling and possessing your Soul!