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Cosmic Shamanism is a sacred journey to go deep within yourself (Inner Child) to remember, face, feel, integrate, heal and reclaim lost parts of yourself and Soul multi-dimensionally, to retrieve:

    • Your wounded Inner Child
    • Your deepest pain…loneliness…anger…shame…hate…fear and despair
    • How you are a victim (others wounding & having power over you)
    • How you are a perpetrator (you wounding & having power over others)

Cosmic Shamanism is also reclaiming and feeling:

    • Your lost…joy…love…power…wisdom…courage
    • Your lost…strength…integrity…honesty and trust
    • The hidden talents and abilities of your Soul and your deep and profound Oneness with your Cosmic Divine Source

It is through the integration of these lost parts that spiritually awakens you to being the full truth of your Soul vs. being in illusion and in ego separation.


It is this blending of your perceived

“strengths” and “weaknesses”

that creates inner wholeness, harmony and balance.


This is a “cosmic” process because Magi assists you in remembering, healing, feeling, releasing and integrating your Soul mentally, physically, sexually, emotionally, karmically, spiritually and all your lifetimes (past, present and future – multi-dimensionally) simultaneously. This holistic process of balancing and healing all the dimensions of your Soul simultaneously insures that no aspect of your Soul is left out. If parts are missing (i.e., if the mental area – negative thoughts/programs of your consciousness – wasn’t integrated, harmonized and balanced with everything else simultaneously) there is energetic contamination, therefore true, permanent healing does not occur. Magi is a true Multi-dimensional Healer & Cosmic Shaman.

Magi utilizes Earth and Cosmic based shamanic tools, principles, ideologies and spiritual philosophies. These Cosmic and Earth traditions are a combination of Native American, Wiccan and Goddess Oracle Shamanic Healing that includes; animal power totems, vision questing, sound vibrational healing, Multi-dimensional Shamanic Soul Retrieval Ceremonies, removing interference by malevolent evil forces in any form and deep emotional release work.

By Magi utilizing the cosmic energy of Divine Source, Cosmic & Earth energies of the highest Cosmic vibration and the elemental forces of nature (land and sea, animals, the flower and plant kingdom, insects, birds, weather, rocks, crystals, Shamanic and Goddess Rituals)…..


You and I co-create a harmonic convergence of “Heaven and Earth” within you!