Apprenticeship Training

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Apprenticeship Training


To be eligible for Apprenticeship Training evaluation by Magi, you must have been doing healing sessions for an extended period of time.  Call Magi to schedule a private interview by phone or in person.

To provide you an understanding of my Apprenticeship Training process, my Apprentice, Camille Oceana from Corona del Mar, California, USA, tells her story of what she has personally experienced working with me in three parts: 1. Regular Healing Sessions  2. Multi-Dimensional Soul Retrieval Ceremonies in Nature  3. Apprenticeship Training.

Camille has completed her first year of Level I Beginning Apprenticeship Training and has begun her second year of Level II Advanced Apprenticeship Training.

So what has Camille’s healing and Apprenticeship Training journey looked like?

Here is her story………


Regular Healing Sessions (part 1 of 3)

There are few people and moments in my life that have had such a long lasting impact as Magi and the healing sessions I have completed with her.  When I was first introduced to Magi, through a friend, I was in a dark, sad and depressed place.  My whole world was truly falling apart – relationships, jobs, physical health, etc.  It was a Sunday morning when I reached out to Magi and left a message.  To my surprise she called me back right away (on a Sunday, her day off and her birthday) and I instantly knew I had to work with her.  You get a feeling when someone so important comes into your life, and on the phone I sensed how much she truly cared about me and how much she wanted to help me; me a perfect stranger to her.  And I knew I just had to work with her.  I knew I would be committed to working with her no matter what, because she was the answer I had been looking and searching for in all my lifetimes.

Throughout my healing process, Magi has not only provided me with materials, information, support and love but so much more.  Magi has gone above and beyond helping me through the darkest of the dark moments as I started to learn about the wounds that had been buried so deep within my soul.  In these dark moments, Magi wasn’t just there as my healer but as a supportive and unconditionally loving partner.  When I needed help with my release work following a session with her, she was available to me.  She spent countless hours on the phone  (at no charge!) helping me get to the other side of the healing process.  Who else would ever be that patient, understanding, loving and supportive?  In my mind there is no one in the world that can ever compare to all of the unconditional love and support I received from Magi.

At the worst of times when I felt abandoned and betrayed by my own birth family, when I broke silence about things that had hurt and harmed me, Magi was the one constant loving and supportive person in my life. SHE IS TRUE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND SUPPORT AT THE HIGHEST OF THE HIGH LEVEL.  Without her love, support and dedication I never would have been able to heal my wounds of separation to soul and source and move forward in my life.  Without her I would truly be dead!  I cannot imagine my life without Magi, and the work we have done together.   She has created a technique that can heal EVERYTHING so that YOU CAN CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE.  It is a result of Magi’s hard work, commitment, love and support that I am FINALLY creating a life I love.  She is the reason I am alive today and thriving.  Yes, I had to partner with her 100% to create the healing and transformation I have experienced, but she provides the safe space you need to accomplish everything.  Without that safe, supportive and loving space you cannot truly heal.  And Magi, not only creates that space while you are in a healing session but afterwards when you need support the most.

Thank you so much Magi for all you have done for me.  I truly owe my life to you.  I so look forward to creating miracles of healing and transformation with you throughout my life.  Thank you, thank you for the most special gifts that could have ever bestowed upon me – YOUR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND SUPPORT AND THE MAGIC & MIRACLES OF YOUR HEALING WORK!


Multi-Dimensional Soul Retrieval Ceremonies in Nature (part 2 of 3)

I still remember the day I received an email from Magi talking about her Soul Retrieval Ceremonies in nature that she offers her clients.  At the time, I was working with her 3 times a week with her healing sessions.  I remember reading the email I received where it talked about the powerful healing and transformation that she would help me create at an all-day Soul Retrieval Ceremony in Nature with her, in addition to a few hours spent preparing with her for the session the day before.  She spoke about the ability to have a “permanent Cosmic and Quantum Paradigm Shift that helps heal you and balance you into an infinitely higher cosmic way of being as a soul.”  She also mentioned that it was like having 100 healing sessions rolled into this one-day exclusive and beautiful Soul Retrieval Ceremony in Nature.

From the moment I read the email, I don’t think I even hesitated for a minute to reply that I just had to do this.  I had been working with Magi for about 1 month at that point, and the impact her healing sessions had had on my life was amazing.  We were already unlocking the deepest, darkest wounds that were holding me back.  And I remember thinking as I read her email, if she has helped me accomplish so much in such a short period of time, how amazing would the soul retrieval ceremony be!!

I can still remember meeting Magi in person for the first time; I had been working by telephone with her.  She gave me a big hug and I felt like I was coming home into the arms of FAMILY (spiritual family).  There was so much love for me and love I had for her.  The first day was to help prepare for the Soul Retrieval Ceremony.  Truth be told, I was kind of nervous because I didn’t know what to expect.  But Magi took the time to just talk with me and explain everything to me to get me and my inner child comfortable with our BIG Soul Retrieval Ceremony the next day at the beach.

My Soul Retrieval Ceremony in Nature with Magi was another monumental turning point in my process.  Magi worked with my soul and source to coordinate a Soul Retrieval Ceremony that was EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED.  Magi gave me the space I needed and helped me to feel what was there for me at each age of my soul during the Soul Retrieval Ceremony (ages 0 to infinity).  And trust me, I needed her help and support to be able to feel.  In the work you do with Magi, you must feel what is really there in order to heal.  And it was Magi’s love, help and support that day that helped various ages of myself start to really open up about things that really hurt them.  She provided us with tools, support and safe space to really feel what was there for us and to release the anger, sadness, frustration, etc that was there for us.  She helped us positively reprogram ourselves to be more powerful, integrated and positively magnetic and to truly TRANSCEND MULTI-DIMENSIONALLY IN JUST ONE-DAY.  She busted butt to create hundreds of hours of healing into just one-day.  Who would or could do that?  ONLY A SPIRITUAL GODDESS WARRIOR OF THE HIGHEST OF THE HIGH CAN HELP YOU HEAL THAT POWERFULLY AND PERMANENTLY FOREVER MORE!  That is who Magi is, and that is why you can heal so much in such a short amount of time.

And then, along with ALL she provided, she had a party for us (me and my Inner Child) to celebrate the BIG healing and transformation that had happened that day.  Both me and my inner child just couldn’t believe how loving and supportive she was.  It was a BIG day for us, and she wanted to celebrate our accomplishments with a party!  Who does that?  No other healer I have worked with; and I have worked with many different people!  Magi is not only there to help you through the healing process and the darkest of times, but she is also there to celebrate your BIG accomplishments.  THAT IS TRUE SUPPORT AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

I left my Soul Retrieval Ceremony FOREVER CHANGED MULTI-DIMENSIONALLY for the better!  My close friends and family could see the shift I had made immediately upon my return!  There is no other healing process where you can change so dramatically in such a short period of time.  And that is because the work you do with Magi really works.  There is no other way.  There truly isn’t.

If you are looking to heal your wounds and take your power back and are really committed to the process, then a SOUL RETRIEVAL CEREMONY IN NATURE IS A MUST!  You heal and transform lifetimes simultaneously in just one-day.  That is kick butt healing!  And that is the amazing gift Magi can help you co-create together!!


Apprenticeship Training (part 3 of 3)

I thought the day I remembered my Soul Path, as a World Healer, was the best day of my life.  But that was only the beginning.  The best day of my life was the day I found out that Magi was willing to take me under her wing as her Apprentice to teach and show me her healing techniques.  Not only was it a realization that I was indeed moving into my Soul Path, but it was the day I realized just how special and wanted I was in this lifetime.  Magi has systematically developed an amazing healing process that helps people heal MULTI-DIMENTSIONALLY ALL LIFETIMES SIMULTANEOUSLY.  It doesn’t get more kick butt than that!  And that she was willing to teach me all she had learned and created, was monumental.  It was the work of all of my lifetimes coming together to co-create an amazing process with Magi, my soul and source.

Magi put together a HUGE binder full of powerful and important materials to ensure I had everything I needed going into the Apprenticeship Training Program.  She spent so many hours ensuring I had what I needed to be successful from the very start of the program.  Which of course, the moment I received my BIG binder I dug right in to read and absorb everything.

As Apprenticeship kicked off, we started with honing my hands-on-energetic-healing techniques and skills.  She taught me how to protect a client, prepare for a session and work energy both in person and over the phone.  And she let me practice on her!  What an amazing gift.  She helped me to get out of my head and come from my heart as a healer; something you MUST do.  This was hard for me at first, but with her techniques, guidance, love, support and patience I was able to transcend into coming from the Heart of the Goddess of Unconditional Love.

Throughout Apprenticeship, I was given the opportunity to do LIVE practicum Weekend Intensives with Magi.  This was an opportunity to move forward with my healing skills over 1 or 2 day periods working directly with her.  She not only blessed me with her time and knowledge, but even performed hands-on-energetic-healing work on me and blessed me with other special gifts and goodies so I could LEARN FROM ACTUAL EXPERIENCE.  And then I had the opportunity to try everything I learned on her to ensure I was mastering all of the techniques.  With this type of training SHE MADE SURE I WAS 100% SUCCESSFUL and was patient, loving, kind and supportive to work through any blocks that got in the way for me.

And throughout Apprenticeship she not only blessed me with invaluable knowledge, skills, growth, evolution, etc. but she continued to work on healing priorities as they came up for me.  When I was struggling with an area of my life due to my own decisions and choices, like finances, she would incorporate kick butt Soul Retrieval Ceremonies that she tied into Apprenticeship to ensure I resolved my wounds of separation to soul and source and could powerfully move forward not only in Apprenticeship, but in my life.  SHE WOULD ENSURE THAT ALL OF MY APPRENTICESHIP SESSIONS WERE FOR MY HIGHEST GOOD AND THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL SOULS!  She didn’t stick to a set schedule, but instead was guided by my soul and source to ensure the training she was providing was for my highest good.

And not only was she there for me during Apprenticeship training sessions, but she was also supportive following our sessions when I was releasing and integrating everything.  Whenever I reached out to her for love and support, SHE WAS THERE FOR ME UNCONDITIONALLY.  Again, she was there to support me and help me through the things that were coming up for me!  And trust me, when you do Apprenticeship you are growing and evolving at a very fast pace and have to resolve the wounds of separation that are in the way.  AND MAGI IS THERE TO SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY!

Not only was she there to support me, but she held me to a higher level of integrity and responsibility than I have ever been held to before.  And man did I need it!  It is through her love, patience and support that she helped me to truly see my shadow side in some new ways and how I was hurting and harming others and dumping and projecting my stuff onto them.  To be a healer, you need to be of the highest level of integrity and unconditional love.  And without her, I never could have grown and evolved to accomplish that.  She shows you your shadow side, which is crucial to resolving what is there for you to ensure you heal your wounds of separation. Magi helps me to hold myself to a higher level of accountability, integrity, commitment and honesty, because that is what being a healer is all about.  THIS IS A MUST!  Without her, I never could have grown and evolved from being an ok person to being an UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING AND SUPPORTIVE SPIRITUAL GODDESS HEALER WARRIOR.  I truly owe Magi my life.  She gave me the tools to bring my soul and life back from the dead and move myself into being the best I can be.  

Magi inspires me to be a better person and healer. As a healer, I learned from her that I must maintain sacred emotional energetic boundaries with my clients, so that I don’t dump and project my own unresolved issues that I am still in the process of working on and healing.

Magi is truly committed to teaching her Apprentices all of her healing techniques and methodologies.  She holds you accountable and does not graduate you unless you truly have the skills, knowledge, unconditional love, integrity and wisdom required to be a healer working with clients AT A SOUL LEVEL. She pushed me to the highest levels in all areas of my life…especially to become a healer…to be impeccable and a Spiritual Warrior of Truth and Healing.

Magi has taught me so much.  Without her I could never be a true healer and help guide people to heal their soul multi-dimensionally.  Thank you Magi for your unconditional love and support throughout this process.  You have given me so much and I am eternally grateful and thankful for EVERYTHING. 

I LOVE YOU MAGI. I so look forward to co-creating the healing and transformation of souls worldwide with you as a part of your GODDESS ORACLE SHAMANIC HEALING organization!!!