Magi’s Story

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Magi has a national and international reputation in the healing arts where her unique combination of talents have healed, awakened, empowered and guided thousands of women, men, children, couples and families from all walks of life to permanently Reconnect to their Soul & Cosmic Divine Source (God/Goddess/Spirit).

Magi is not only well versed in metaphysics and spirituality, she also has a very solid foundation in the fundamentals of business, corporate culture and high level management. Magi was a corporate executive for 20 years as a Management Training Director and an Organizational Development Consultant.  She designed and facilitated hundreds of management and staff development training programs, led off-site retreats and consulted with CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s and all management levels from VP’s and Directors to first line supervisors in the health-care, aerospace and higher education industries.  Magi has a BA degree from the University of California, Irvine in Social Ecology (emphasis in human behavior and psychology). She has done post graduate work in Organizational Development.

Magi is a Master Multi-Dimensional Healer, Cosmic Shaman, Oracle, Teacher, Workshop Leader and Interpersonal Communicator. She has guided thousands and thousands of women, men and children all over the world to awaken to their personal Soul Truth, thrive and successfully fulfill their sacred destiny. She can partner with you to achieve this for yourself.

This is Magi’s Story………….

“I am not a victim………..I chose to go through everything I did!”


As a Soul, I consciously chose to come onto the Earth plane as a Cosmic Spiritual Warrior of Truth & Healing. I chose, as one of many Souls, to help heal and balance the terrible and destructive misuses of power by the malevolent evil forces-”The Matrix”, whose goal is to dominate, enslave and harm the Earth’s inhabitants & Mother Earth. My path, that I chose as a Soul, was to go through everything I describe in my writings that follow to learn how to heal from what they did to me, so that I would be able to teach and guide others on their healing journey. 

These ‘malevolent evil energies of separation’ inflicted tremendous traumas to my heart, mind, body and Soul. 

I found the courage to remember, face, feel and heal the wounds of what they did to me.

EMOTIONAL ENERGETIC HEALING© and COSMIC SHAMANISM© are the healing methodologies I co-created with Cosmic God/Goddess/Spirit to reconnect to my Soul & Divine Source. By using my Cosmic healing methods, I healed the totality of my Soul and my life.

With Cosmic Divine Source, we took these ‘malevolent evil energies of separation’ through my Soul and together, we integrated, harmonized and balanced “them” back into Oneness.

This is the Cosmic Healing process I use with my clients and can be used by each Soul and the World to heal

These insidious evil energies (whether in the body or energetic) have been and are still to this day, interfering multi-dimensionally with all of the Earth’s inhabitants and with Sacred Mother Earth Herself. They mind control, brain wash and possess “the general population” through subliminal and distorted sound frequencies on TV, video, movies, the internet, radio, MP3’s, CD’s, etc.  Lies are propagated through the printed material of newspapers, books and magazines.  They have spread their disease to keep you in separation to your Soul, to Divine Truth and Cosmic Divine Source (God/Goddess/Spirit), in misery, suffering, domination, enslavement and exploitation – politically, socially, psychologically, spiritually, sexually, economically and environmentally. The list goes on and on…….all to maintain and increase their power in and over the world.

Isn’t it time for humanity to heal and awaken to what is really going on?  

Isn’t it time to liberate ourselves and take our power and Soul back

from the malevolent evil forces-”The Matrix”?

I chose to experience and go through the many ways these malevolent evil forces wound, harm, torture, traumatize, mind control, possess and program innocent Souls. 

The following Is What I Chose To Go Through to Serve, Learn, Grow, Heal & Evolve As a Soul, Woman, Goddess, Healer, Oracle, Teacher & Cosmic Shaman of the Soul.


CAUTION: The following material can be upsetting and emotionally disturbing. If reading this becomes too uncomfortable for you – Stop – and take a loving, healing break.


 As a 0-magi-child-picture-2-small2-300x289Soul, I chose to be born into an abusive pedophile, satanic and Freemason family that presented themselves to be good church going Christians (organized patriarchal religions are another way that Souls are being mind controlled, harmed, used and abused by “The Matrix”). As an orphaned baby, I was given to “these people” who became my “so called” parents and family (I don’t know who my biological parents are) who satanically ritually abused, drugged, mind controlled, beat me, starved, tortured, raped and molested me up until my early thirties.

I had to “earn my keep” from the time I was an infant and they sold me to the corrupt, evil Illuminati government into their medical and military (working in conjunction with shape-shifted evil ET’s) MKULTRA, Monarch & Montauk Project mind control programs (many facilities are underground bases that are all over the world) to be experimented on and used and sold as a Beta Sex & Torture Slave.  I was forced into child pornography, snuff films and prostitution for many years.  Anyone could “buy me” for the right price for a night, weekend, several days, etc., and rape, molest, torture, beat me………basically do anything they wanted to.  “These people” made money off my pain and suffering and truly enjoyed torturing me.  These malevolent evil forces (whether in the body/human appearing or energetic) feed off the energies of great fear, pain, hurt, rage, hate……….it is their food and they need it to survive.

These malevolent evil forces-”The Matrix” especially target Souls, such as myself and those of you reading this website, that are more awakened, have powerful telepathic and psychic skills, sensitive empathic abilities, are highly clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, energy healers, shamans and have sacred magical abilities. 

They wanted my power - By abusing and torturing me in vicious and cruel ways, they hooked into me and my Soul, fed off my life force, mind controlled and possessed me – mind, body, heart and Soul multi-dimensionally.

This continued up until my early thirties when I found ways to break free and then began a very long healing journey to take my power back.

Their whole agenda was to break my spirit and heart…….fragment my Soul into a billion pieces so that I was no longer ME, MY TRUE SOUL – IN ONENESS WITH COSMIC DIVINE SOURCE.  I became their slave and puppet to do their bidding while they took the life force and power of my Soul to fulfill their evil agendas…….leaving me drained, lost, ill and a completely mind controlled………perfect little robot.

The following is a partial list of the “Trauma Based Mind Control “ and satanic ritual abuse that was done to me by “the family” and the malevolent evil forces of the Illuminati military/medical/negative ET’s :

  1. Demons/evil beings of both “the false-light and the dark” were layered into my Soul when I was tortured to possess and control me
  2. Sexual abuse and torture
  3. Confinement in boxes, cages, coffins, etc., or burial (often with an opening or air tube for oxygen)
  4. Restraint; with ropes, chains, barbed wire, manacles, etc.
  5. Near-drowning
  6. Extremes of heat and cold, including submersion in ice water and burning chemicals
  7. Exposed to radiation internally and externally
  8. Skinning (only the top layers of the skin are removed, as victims are intended to survive)
  9. Spinning
  10. Blinding light
  11. Electric shock
  12. Subjected to spells of Black Magic by evil Black Magicians/Mages
  13. Severe Astral Body interference, torture and demonic possession by both “the false-light and the dark”
  14. Forced ingestion of offensive body fluids and matter, such as blood, urine, feces, flesh, etc.
  15. Hung upside down on crosses
  16. Hung in painful positions for days
  17. Starved and denied water for days
  18. Sleep deprivation
  19. Compression with weights and devices
  20. Sensory deprivation
  21. Given drugs to create illusion, confusion, and amnesia – given by injection and intravenously
  22. Ingestion or intravenous injections of toxic chemicals to create pain or illness, including chemotherapy agents
  23. Limbs pulled or dislocated
  24. Putting snakes, spiders, maggots, rats and other animals on my little naked body to induce fear and disgust
  25. Near death experiences; commonly asphyxiation by choking or drowning, with immediate resuscitation
  26. Forced as a little child to witness abuse, torture and sacrifice of people and animals – usually done with knives
  27. Forced participation in child pornography, prostitution and snuff films
  28. Raped to become pregnant; the fetus is then aborted for ritual abuse, or the baby is taken for sacrifice or enslavement
  29. Spiritually abused to be possessed, harmed, tortured, harassed and controlled by evil entities of both the “false-light and dark” malevolent evil forces
  30. Forced to marry and dedicate myself to these evil beings
  31. Abuse and illusion to convince me that Cosmic Divine Source (God/Goddess/Spirit) is evil, such as convincing me as a child that Cosmic Divine Source has abused, tortured, raped and abandoned me as a child. I came to believe: “God doesn’t love me” and “I don’t have a Soul.”  I was created and come from the malevolent evil forces………I am one of them
  32. Surgery is done to torture, experiment or cause the perception of physical or spiritual bombs or implants being placed in the body
  33. Harm or threats of harm to family, friends, loved ones, pets and other victims, to force compliance
  34. Use of illusion and virtual reality to confuse, mind control and program.

I also chose to serve by taking on the misuse of power of being abducted, implanted, tortured, raped, eggs harvested and impregnated, experimented on, genetically engineered with alien DNA, drugged, mind controlled and interfered with by the evil and negative extra-terrestrials known as the greys, reptilians, insectoids, draconans and other malevolent shape shifted beings (in the body or not) that deeply harm innocent Souls multi-dimensionally.  I figured out how to heal the wounds they inflicted upon me and severed the cords of connection to alien abduction and neutralized all mind control implantation and have been free ever since.


I did not remember ANY of the above until I began a very serious, long term and comprehensive healing process and multi-dimensional Shamanic Soul/Source retrieval in my early thirties. 

So many pieces of my Soul and my connection to Cosmic Divine Source had split off due to the severe abuse I was subjected to.  These sacred healing experiences with a variety of practitioners and the loving help and powerful assistance of my Cosmic Divine Parents (Source), helped to bring up my repressed memories, feelings, wounds, traumas and destructive programs – especially through my wounded Inner Child.  Thus began my Soul’s deep healing journey to reclaim my power and my true identity as a Cosmic Sovereign Soul & Spiritual Warrior.

I believe that my choosing to go through all of the above and finding the multi-dimensional pathways to heal myself, is what makes me a true Cosmic Shaman.  I have accessed my deepest feelings of pain and suffering and come out on the other side.  It has taken tremendous courage and will power to overcome my fears to authentically remember what happened to me……..and to face, feel, integrate, release and heal my deepest terror, pain, anger, hate, loneliness, helplessness, hopelessness, powerlessness/being a victim, self-hate, self-sabotage and self-destruction, poverty consciousness, greed, sorrow and guilt.  By taking my personal sacred healing journey, I have Soul Retrieved my greatest Oneness with my Highest Cosmic Soul Self and my Cosmic Divine Source (God/Goddess/Spirit).  From this Reconnection and Rebirth, I reclaimed my power, talents, abilities….my deep and abiding unconditional love, joy, prosperity and abundance, happiness, peace, strength, wisdom and my Cosmic Divine Feminine Goddess MAGIC!

And my personal healing journey continues to today as I remember more and more of what happened to me.

This truly is an ongoing healing process.

The end results of my experiences has been the creation of my organization, Goddess Oracle Shamanic Healing utilizing Emotional Energetic Healing© and Cosmic Shamanism©, the two healing methodologies that I co-created with Great Cosmic Mother Goddess/God to overcome my childhood, teenage and adult multi-dimensional life traumas.

I know the steps to help you take your sacred journey to heal and retrieve the lost parts of your Soul and permanently reclaim your Oneness with your Cosmic Divine Source (God/Goddess/Spirit).